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What To Expect

Important Clinic Protocol:

  • New Patients: please arrive 10 minutes before your 1st scheduled appointment. Returning patients, please arrive just a few minutes before your appointment. 

  • New Patients: You will you will complete new patient forms, and pay the $55 fee for your first visit. Return visits are $40. (Military/Seniors take $5 off).

  • When it is your turn to go back, you’ll go in, choose a recliner, and take off your socks and shoes.

  • Once you are situated, your practitioner will come to you, talk about what brings you in, and devise a treatment protocol.

  • She will insert the needles according to your primary complaints.

  • You’ll relax for about 45 minutes, then your practitioner will remove your needles and recommend a treatment plan for you.

  • When you return for treatment, you will simply pay the $40 fee, and be invited to go in and choose a seat. The practitioner will check on your progress, ask relevant questions, insert your needles and leave you to rest. We let the needles do the work in a calm, peaceful setting.

  • Please make sure you phone is silenced. Talking on the phone is not allowed in the clinic, so don't answer that call (unless it's an emergency!)

In future visits, you will simply pay your $40 fee and go on back for your treatment.

*Please note: space is limited. Late cancellation fee (less than 12 hours' notice) is $25; no-show fee is $30.

Beach Community Acupuncture welcomes all people, regardless of race, ethnicity, neurotype, size, religion, politics, culture, ability level, gender identity, or expression. Please be respectful of all people while in the clinic. 

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